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Bathroom Fittings

A Much Needed Makeover

A Much Needed MakeoverDoes your bathroom need a makeover or perhaps a complete makeover? Well, you have come to the right place. We have everything you need to make your bathroom comfortable and stylish. We have simple to elegant faucets that are sure to fit in with any decorating style you have in mind. We also have soap holders, shelves, bathtub handles and any other product you need to make renovating your bathroom a breeze.

Perhaps you are looking for a sophisticated or a mature look for your bathroom, do not worry we have a variety of bathroom accessories for you to choose from. We not only carry the accessories you want but we have the fittings you will need too. No bathroom is complete without having the proper fittings to complete the job from start to finish.

You can transform your bathroom into a place of beauty right before your eyes. If you are a DIY, you know what kind of look you want and you know where you want every little detail to begin and end. It is a wonderful feeling when you can sit inside a warm soothing bathtub full of a million little soft bubbles.

Experience the joys of relaxing at the end of a hard day, by retiring to your creation. Each design from the faucet, to the sink, and even the shower heads themselves are your own masterpiece. When you visit our online store, you are free to shop around as long as you like, until you find exactly what you are looking for.

Everything You Need For Your Bathroom Redesign

Everything You Need For Your Bathroom RedesignIf your bathroom is in need of a remodel, you may find everything you need for your bathroom redesign at Kolson Bath and Kitchen hardware. Regardless of your budget or your remodeling plans, you should be able to find items that you like there. They carry a wide range of bathroom supplies from small items like decorative drawer knobs to big items like toilets, sinks, and bathtubs.

If you want to gut your entire bathroom and replace all of the sinks, bathtubs, fixtures, and hardware, you will find a great selection of those items at Kolson. New sinks and tubs will make your remodeled bathroom feel luxurious. Replacing toilets can be a great environmental move if your old toilet is wasting water while flushing. They offer a wide range of products, and they feature great brands like Baldwin, Rohl, Rocky Mountain, Harrington Brass, Dornbracht, and others. However, if you are not ready to replace your tub and sinks, you can still give your bathroom a splendid update simply by adding new fixtures.

Your bathroom will feel new when you replace your old faucets with some contemporary ones from Kolson. You can pair your new faucets with coordinating hardware. You can choose from a huge variety of towel racks, soap holders, cabinet pulls, and more. Little changes like these and a new paint job on the wall will completely revitalize your bathroom.

Phylrich LuxYoury Bathroom Faucets

Phylrich LuxYoury Bathroom FaucetsWith a diminished economy it’s rather amazing to see that home buyers are so adamant about having high quality and luxury faucets in their bathrooms, and that at least 2 bathrooms are a necessity. The LuxYoury trend has become a complete movement as customers want to be able to customize their private living spaces, most importantly, their bathroom space.

Phylrich has researched and listened to the people’s wants and desires and has developed newer lines that are focused towards the less expensive and highly customizable needs of the modern consumer.

“Phylrich is embracing this era of renewed design emphasis by providing solutions for every interpretation of luxury.” ~Angela Sheehan – Elkay Residential director of marketing and product development for faucets

With this goal in mind, Phylrich developed the new Harper collection to appeal to the likes of all styles of luxury. With styles stemming from Deco Décor (for the contemporaries) to Nostalgia (a more Victorian feel), Phylrich stretches the possibilities for bathroom customization further than ever before.

Phylrich’s website has an even more detailed look at their incredible catalog of products, but for a real world experience you’ll have to swing by the Kolson showroom.

ROHL’s Authentic Luxury Designs

ROHL's Authentic Luxury DesignsThe ROHL Collection defines luxury in bath and kitchen fittings as few other things do. Quality, authenticity, innovative thinking and ultimately great value define every piece. All our products are created by generations of the best architects and artisans who have the same unwavering commitment to making nothing less than the best.

Your bathroom must be your special place in the house. A place you can retreat to, for pampering and indulgence. ROHL has many different ways of helping to achieve this, with our country, Tuscan or modern styles, to name a few. Each style can be further enhanced with matching accessories. Taking the degree of opulent bath fixtures to a higher degree is our product line that is made in Limoges, France. These designs made of vitreous china have a decadently luminescent finish. For those who love a long shower, we have amazing body sprays and rain bars. Our multifunction shower systems will instantly transform your bathroom into a water therapy spa.

Your kitchen will get an instant facelift with our immensely popular fireclay sinks. Elegant and unfussy designs merged with stain resistant durability are what make these sinks such a must-buy investment for the beating heart of your home. Whatever your need, if it is luxury and value you are looking for, ROHL’s authentic luxury designs is where you will find it.

Kolson’s Extraordinary Collection Of Bathroom Faucets

Kolson’s Extraordinary Collection Of Bathroom FaucetsWith carefully thought out and path breaking new technology combined with artistry that is worthy to be framed, Kolson’s have truly cornered the market for high-end bathroom faucets. At Kolson’s, they know that for some people, a shower is more than just related to cleanliness. If cleanliness is next to godliness, Kolson’s extraordinary collection of bathroom faucets takes it a step even closer to the divine.

You do not need to go out into nature with one of these fittings. Nature will dance in your bathroom. A wash can turn into the gentle caress of a summer rain shower or the invigorating energy of a cascade crashing down a mountainside. Kolson’s innumerable shower-heads, faucets and other accessories make it possible for you to customize your shower to just the way you want it every day. The bathroom faucets are a combination of fine detailing and precision, both in design and aesthetics. The shapes and colors are designed to enhance the sense of luxury and will leave the customer not just satisfied, but even pampered and indulged.

Kolson not only wants to make you feel good, we also care about the environment and money saved on lowered water bills. Our Altman’s faucets are a good example of this ideology. This line of faucets uses the 1.5 low-flow aerators, which reduces water pressure, while still maintaining a good strong flow. Altman has also entered into a partnership with WaterSense, which is sponsored by the EPA who advocate water saving products all over the country. In fact, many of the products in the Altman line carry the WaterSense label.

Omnia Commercial Solutions

Omnia Commercial SolutionsWhy Omnia?

Design – with over 90 knob and lever designs to choose from, Omnia has the hardware necessary for every commercial project.

Proven Internal Mechanisms – Omnia spring-loaded, lever latchsets are handcrafted for longevity. Mortise, commercial grade locks are fire-rated and UL listed. A smart choice for all commercial works.

Experience – For over 40 years Omnia has been a a leading supplier of hardware for commercial jobs. With unlimited customization and an incredible ability to adapt to each commercial situation, Omnia is the right pick for commercial jobs.

National Dealer Network – Omnia only selects the finest retail showrooms and distributors, such as Kolson Hardware, to work with. They’ve selected the tops from all over the country to get the products you need.

Ease of Specification – visit the Omnia website for specification forms.

Stop into the Kolson showroom for more information on how to get Omnia Hardware for your next commercial project.

Phylrich Featured Collection: Harper

“A refreshing restatement of Art Deco styling, Harper celebrates the iconic, soaring arc found in some of America’s greatest architectural creations, such as the Golden Gate Bridge.”

Phylrich’s Harper collection is a sleek and inventive line of luxury that will certainly enhance your bathroom’s appearance. With four lavatory sets to choose from (2 counter top and 2 wall-mounted) and over 15 different finishes, you are sure to find what you are looking for in this great collection.

Stop by the Kolson Showroom today for a closer look!

Phylrich Featured Collection: Harper Phylrich Featured Collection: Harper
Harper Lavatory Ensemble – Antique Brass Harper Lavatory Ensemble – Chrome
Phylrich Featured Collection: Harper Phylrich Featured Collection: Harper
Harper Wall Lavatory Set – Extended Harper Wall Lavatory Set – Polished Chrome

Upgrade Your Faucets and Save

DID YOU KNOW: Upgrading your bathroom faucets and toilets with high-efficiency, WaterSense-labeled products can save thousands of gallons of water per year?

Kolson wants to help you save money, and Altman’s faucets is just one great way in which we help you do so.

The Altman line of faucets is specially crafted to enhance water usage through the use of 1.5 low-flow aerators all the while providing the strong water flow that all customers desire. Altman has furthered its water protection practices by partnering with WaterSense, an EPA sponsored program that promotes water-efficient products throughout the nation.

Many Altman faucets come with the WaterSense label to ensure customers that they are non only investing in a high quality product, but that it meets the water efficiency standards of the program.

Look for the WaterSense label on all Altman faucets, and be sure to check out there great new line of faucets, including the Vertika and Magna series’.

Upgrade Your Faucets and Save

New Vertika Line

Upgrade Your Faucets and Save

New Magna Line

Kolson Loves ROHL’s Innovation

ROHL has proven to be a leader in the decorative plumbing and hardware industry since it’s inception in 1983. They continue to provide new products to their customers with a highly-crafted and innovative skill. Perhaps it’s the traditions and values instilled in the company from it’s founders, the Rohl family, that give ROHL the ability to craft and deliver their wonderful products. Or maybe it’s the desire for the ROHL team to adhere to the company vision: To be the most recognized brand in the luxury category for faucets and fixtures. Achieve this vision through selective distribution, consistent trade and consumer communications, innovative products, a passionate commitment to customer service and consistent attention to meeting unmet needs of the marketplace.

The ROHL work ethic is clearly in place, and what better way to view it then through their incredible products. With a vast array of hardware styles and finishes from the rustic, country feel to the contemporary, urban appeal, ROHL has something to offer every customer.

Visit the ROHL website for more information, or swing by the Kolson showroom anytime for a closer look.

Kolson Loves ROHL’s Innovation Kolson Loves ROHL’s Innovation
WAVE Single Lever Deck Mounted Lavatory Faucet Bridge Mixer With Lever Handles
Kolson Loves ROHL’s Innovation Kolson Loves ROHL’s Innovation
Country Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet The ROHL Shower Collection

Kolson Teams Up With Von Morris

Kolson Teams Up With Von MorrisVon Morris prides itself in producing top of the line architectural hardware of the highest quality. Their vast array of hardware—brass, bronze and stainless steel—are all carefully produced in their internationally known, ISO 9002 certified factory. By adhering to environmental regulations, Von Morris does its part to minimize the ecological footprint of its hardware.

Detail is an important aspect of the Von Morris line, as most pieces of hardware are hand finished by their expert craftsmen along each stage of production. This is especially effective for its brass products as their hands on approach results in eliciting an exuberant luster that can only be achieved through such individual, human attention.

Kolson has recognized the brilliance of the Von Morris line from their quality suited and non-suited door knobs to their functional hinges, lock bodies and other door accessories. The extraordinary handiwork of their specially designed suited trim, knobs and levers, are second to none, and consist of Art Deco, Bamboo, Beaded, Ribbon and Reed, Moorestown, and Weave styles. With thirty different finishes available, the possibilities for customization are endless.

We’re pretty confident that you’ll love the Von Morris line, so get down to our showroom as soon as you can to check it out.