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Savvy Designs By Dornbracht

Savvy Designs By DornbrachtDornbracht kitchen and bathroom fixtures are designed to provide high quality performance as well as stunning contemporary design. The company places great emphasis on technology as well as aesthetics to provide one’s home with elegant fixtures that use innovative internal design elements to conserve water while providing ultra modern convenience to the kitchen or bathroom.

For example, the Dornbracht water dispenser is designed to provide hot or cold water instantly. This is an additional fixture to a standard sink faucet. Unlike a traditional faucet, the scalding hot water is immediately dispensed and there is no need to run the tap. For this reason, the water dispenser can be mounted anywhere on the counter top and not just over the sink. A tank and water filter is installed under the sink in a devoted cupboard and the hot and co ld lines run from this setup. It has a simple arched design and one lever that operates both cold and hot water. The convenience of this fixture is obvious, as one can have water for any need even when someone else is using the sink. The hot water is hotter than most faucets can manage, and the cold drinking water is filtered for better taste. The instant temperature also cuts down water waste.

There are many other innovative designs by Dornbracht that offer convenience and efficiency while adding stylish details to any bathroom or kitchen. The water dispenser shares design elements with other lines from Dornbracht like Tara and Elio, so one can match these fixtures for a consistent style. It is recommended that consumers purchase these modern, elegant fixtures only through authorized retailers, such as Kolson.