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Go Green

Rocky Mountain Hardware – Unique And Handmade

Rocky Mountain Hardware - Unique And HandmadeInspired by the exquisite bronze statues of old, and handcrafted with environmental responsibility in mind, the Rocky Mountain Hardware line, is both unique and beautifully made. Everything they produce is certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to have at least 90% recycled content. It is also produced in an entirely ”green” facility that meets the Leadership certification standards for Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)and has a gold rating.

The products themselves (which consists of everything from door and cabinet accessories to kitchen, bath and plumbing hardware) begin with a concept in the company’s in-house artisan’s minds. The designs are then cast at temperatures of up to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. After the raw castings are made, they are handed over to experienced and highly skilled artisans for a perfect finishing of every surface. Lastly, the bronze is handed over to nature itself so the respective forces of climate, will touch them and time will deepen their patina and mellow out each individual piece in a way that only nature truly can. These pieces can add a touch of class and dignity to any room you may be finishing, and Rocky Mountain Hardware unique and handmade designs are more than worth your taking a minute to go through and take a look at them.

Water Conserving Faucets At Kolson

Water Conserving Faucets At KolsonIf you want to do your part to make your home as environmentally friendly as possible you can consider installing water saving fixtures. With the water conserving faucets at Kolson, you can be assured of top of the line quality that features the latest technology.

We carry both residential and commercial faucets that utilize high technology sensors to ensure ongoing water savings. Some of our beautiful bathroom and kitchen taps even offer touchless technology. These faucets can make a huge impact on your water bill with savings up to 45% off your current water costs. Low flow aerators are seamlessly integrated into a variety of styles perfectly suited for either a kitchen or bathroom setting. Installation is just as simple as installing a standard tap and faucet set yet the savings you will see are anything but standard.

Water Conserving Faucets At KolsonKolson is known for our extensive selection and commitment to detail. The same can be said for our water conserving faucets. We know what our customers are looking for and we proudly deliver top of the line style coupled with the latest technology to our loyal customers each day. Discover for yourself why Kolson has been bringing the finer things in life to our customers for over 50 years.

ROHL Sustainable Faucets and Fixtures

Sustainability is a number one priority at ROHL, as they seek to make the perfect industrial balance benefiting individuals, business and the planet. By making it their responsibility to focus on all three of these important sectors of the hardware industry ROHL accomplishes what very few other hardware manufacturers can: a minimal environmental footprint with maximal customer satisfaction.

Here are just a few of the ways in which ROHL employ its environment conscious efforts:

Recyclable, lead free Fireclay sinks and faucets:

ROHL Sustainable Faucets and Fixtures

Low-flow, water-conserving aerators for kitchen and bath faucets:

ROHL Sustainable Faucets and Fixtures

EPA approved shower heads:

ROHL Sustainable Faucets and Fixtures

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