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ROHL’s Authentic Luxury Designs

ROHL's Authentic Luxury DesignsThe ROHL Collection defines luxury in bath and kitchen fittings as few other things do. Quality, authenticity, innovative thinking and ultimately great value define every piece. All our products are created by generations of the best architects and artisans who have the same unwavering commitment to making nothing less than the best.

Your bathroom must be your special place in the house. A place you can retreat to, for pampering and indulgence. ROHL has many different ways of helping to achieve this, with our country, Tuscan or modern styles, to name a few. Each style can be further enhanced with matching accessories. Taking the degree of opulent bath fixtures to a higher degree is our product line that is made in Limoges, France. These designs made of vitreous china have a decadently luminescent finish. For those who love a long shower, we have amazing body sprays and rain bars. Our multifunction shower systems will instantly transform your bathroom into a water therapy spa.

Your kitchen will get an instant facelift with our immensely popular fireclay sinks. Elegant and unfussy designs merged with stain resistant durability are what make these sinks such a must-buy investment for the beating heart of your home. Whatever your need, if it is luxury and value you are looking for, ROHL’s authentic luxury designs is where you will find it.

Distinguish Your Kitchen Decor

Distinguish Your Kitchen DecorChanging the appearance of your kitchen so that it becomes more stylish is really a simple project. Instead of having a bland, no-nonsense look, you can buy some new kitchen hardware and add a fresh look to your kitchen.

When trying to spruce up the appearance of this most important room, it’s the little details that will distinguish and tie your kitchen decor together. All it takes is a little creativity and the ability to unscrew your old knobs and handles from your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Depending on the color of your cabinets and drawers as well as the look you are trying to achieve, you can choose from a vast array of interesting and sometimes quite exotic hardware. Kolson has a wide variety of kitchen hardware from the top manufacturers in the industry. Amongst the suppliers are Baldwin, Rohl, Rocky Mountain and Top Knob. Hardware comes in various metal, wood and hard plastic finishes.

A very modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances could be enhanced by replacing plastic knobs and handles with a more elegant set of stainless steel hardware to match the appliances. For a relatively minor investment, you can instantly transform your boring kitchen in to something that really ties the entire kitchen decor together.

Your friends will wonder whether you remodeled your kitchen when they first glance at the new cabinet hardware. You will feel good saying it was just a little job you did yourself. So, the next time you feel it is time for a change, why not come down to our Great Neck, Long Island showroom and pick up some wonderful new hardware for your kitchen.

Harrington Brass Works Faucets & Accessories

Harrington Brass Works Faucets & AccessoriesKolson understands the exceptional quality of Harrington Brass Works. The Harrington line of faucetry and accessories demonstrate style and attention to detail. Interior designers and do-it-yourselfers enjoy the style and quality Harrington brass fixtures provide.

Kitchen and bathroom fixtures need to be functional and attractive. Simply changing fixtures can change a drab bathroom or kitchen to an elegant space. Many people have discovered the beauty of exceptional Harrington fixtures to enhance the appeal of bathrooms and kitchens. The fixtures will convey your personal style and add a sense of luxury.

Kolson can help you choose the Harrington Brass faucetry and accessories you will need to create the beautiful bathroom or kitchen that you desire. Kolson’s has available the most extensive line of Harrington Brass Works faucetry and accessories. You will find Harrington Brass has the most comprehensive faucetry available.

Whether you are choosing to install the fixtures or using an interior designer to create your stunning space, you will find that Harrington Brass Works has the style of fixtures you desire. You will be pleased with the exceptional quality that provides long-term functionality. Kolson’s will help you put together the faucetry and accessories you need to create a well-designed bathroom or kitchen.

Each Door Has A Story To Tell

Each Door Has A Story To TellFrom the grandest entrance to the simplest of interior passages, each door has a story to tell. Craft your door’s story with Kolson. Kolson has hundreds of door knobs as well as handles and locksets to fit every door and room. The feel of your room can be completely changed based on the door that closes you into the room. With carefully crafted brands and beautiful collections, Kolson has something to fit every room.

For those who like their current doors, a simple change in hardware can re-energize the room and make the door look as good as new. Hardware comes in wood, glass, and decorative options. In fact, there are so many choices, it can get a little overwhelming. You may first want to imagine what you want the atmosphere of the room to be before you begin looking for hardware.  If you want a homespun appeal, you can look for wooden hardware. If you prefer something elegant, you may want to o with glass. If you want your personality to show, decorative hardware may be right for your doors.

Whatever you need in your rooms, you can find the items to match from Kolson. They have every option you can imagine and then some.

Specialty Hardware to Finish the Job In Style

Specialty Hardware to Finish the Job In StyleIf you are preparing to build your dream home, or ready for that home remodeling project you have been wanting, do yourself a favor and design your home with Kolson. Kolson offers only the top name brands, ensuring that you will be designing your home with class and style. Our brands are of the best quality available that no other specialty hardware store can match, guaranteed. Please enjoy browsing our website, as you are sure to find that we insist on carrying only top of the line name brands. With names like Baldwin, Rohl, Rocky Mountain, Harrington Brass, Dornbracht, along with many other first-class brands, you can rest easy knowing that when your home is complete, it will be nothing short of breathtaking.

While browsing our website, you will also notice that Kolson carries every possible specialty hardware product you can think of, for every type of room in your house. If it goes in your home, Kolson will have it. From House Numbers to Kickplates to Window Hardware and more, Kolson has the specialty hardware you need to finish the job in style. Share in the Kolson experience; it will be an extraordinary home building endeavor you will forever remember.

Savvy Designs By Dornbracht

Savvy Designs By DornbrachtDornbracht kitchen and bathroom fixtures are designed to provide high quality performance as well as stunning contemporary design. The company places great emphasis on technology as well as aesthetics to provide one’s home with elegant fixtures that use innovative internal design elements to conserve water while providing ultra modern convenience to the kitchen or bathroom.

For example, the Dornbracht water dispenser is designed to provide hot or cold water instantly. This is an additional fixture to a standard sink faucet. Unlike a traditional faucet, the scalding hot water is immediately dispensed and there is no need to run the tap. For this reason, the water dispenser can be mounted anywhere on the counter top and not just over the sink. A tank and water filter is installed under the sink in a devoted cupboard and the hot and co ld lines run from this setup. It has a simple arched design and one lever that operates both cold and hot water. The convenience of this fixture is obvious, as one can have water for any need even when someone else is using the sink. The hot water is hotter than most faucets can manage, and the cold drinking water is filtered for better taste. The instant temperature also cuts down water waste.

There are many other innovative designs by Dornbracht that offer convenience and efficiency while adding stylish details to any bathroom or kitchen. The water dispenser shares design elements with other lines from Dornbracht like Tara and Elio, so one can match these fixtures for a consistent style. It is recommended that consumers purchase these modern, elegant fixtures only through authorized retailers, such as Kolson.

Kolson’s Extraordinary Collection Of Bathroom Faucets

Kolson’s Extraordinary Collection Of Bathroom FaucetsWith carefully thought out and path breaking new technology combined with artistry that is worthy to be framed, Kolson’s have truly cornered the market for high-end bathroom faucets. At Kolson’s, they know that for some people, a shower is more than just related to cleanliness. If cleanliness is next to godliness, Kolson’s extraordinary collection of bathroom faucets takes it a step even closer to the divine.

You do not need to go out into nature with one of these fittings. Nature will dance in your bathroom. A wash can turn into the gentle caress of a summer rain shower or the invigorating energy of a cascade crashing down a mountainside. Kolson’s innumerable shower-heads, faucets and other accessories make it possible for you to customize your shower to just the way you want it every day. The bathroom faucets are a combination of fine detailing and precision, both in design and aesthetics. The shapes and colors are designed to enhance the sense of luxury and will leave the customer not just satisfied, but even pampered and indulged.

Kolson not only wants to make you feel good, we also care about the environment and money saved on lowered water bills. Our Altman’s faucets are a good example of this ideology. This line of faucets uses the 1.5 low-flow aerators, which reduces water pressure, while still maintaining a good strong flow. Altman has also entered into a partnership with WaterSense, which is sponsored by the EPA who advocate water saving products all over the country. In fact, many of the products in the Altman line carry the WaterSense label.

Traditional To Contemporary Harrington Brass

Traditional To Contemporary Harrington BrassThe most important part of a decorators or designers job is what he or she does not do. An interior design professional knows better than to put a Victorian style faucet in a contemporary minimalist bathroom, or to add warm brass fixtures, gorgeous as they may be, to a room dominated by clean lines and cool colors. Fixtures are the important touchstones to a space that determine whether the room is tied together gracefully, or ends up a jumbled mix of different styles and textures that do not really work together.

Many people start the design process by first choosing the fixtures they want to use and then framing the room around those fixtures. This method works especially well for those who are decorating on his or her own without professional help. Of course, since the rest of the design features will be based upon the look of the fixture, only the most beautiful, high quality fixtures should be considered.

Finding the right combination of style and functionality can be challenging when one considers the hundreds of different period looks and manufacturers there are on the market. Fortunately, Kolson Bath and Kitchen hardware stocks an incredible array of traditional to contemporary Harrington Brass. Professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike have always loved Harrington Brass because it has earned a reputation for offering a variety of styles and long-term functionality. Kolson Bath and Kitchen hardware may be the only place one needs to look to find the Harrington Brass fixture that will be the centerpiece of a beautiful new living space.