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A Holiday Showcase From Rocky Mountain Hardware

A Holiday Showcase From Rocky Mountain HardwarePerhaps it’s a bit early to begin discussing the winter holidays, but at Rocky Mountain Hardware they are hard at work crafting new inspiring styles based on the holiday season. They took to work on a home with the help of architect, Jack Arnold, and lead designer, Cindy Rinfret.

Kolson Hardware loves how well Rocky Mountain elicits true style from the architecture of a building through their hardware and accessories.

“When people discover the feel and the weight of the hardware, they immediately understand the quality and how it complements the architecture.”

The holiday showcase that the Rocky Mountain team put together is a stunning one, displaying intricate door and window hardware in an unbelievably majestic setting. Have a look at the images below to see just how well their fixtures add to this themed masterpiece, and get an up close look at the Fleur De Lis and Maddox hardware lines used in each demo. You can also take a full tour of the Holiday Style Showcase here.

Upgrade Your Faucets and Save

DID YOU KNOW: Upgrading your bathroom faucets and toilets with high-efficiency, WaterSense-labeled products can save thousands of gallons of water per year?

Kolson wants to help you save money, and Altman’s faucets is just one great way in which we help you do so.

The Altman line of faucets is specially crafted to enhance water usage through the use of 1.5 low-flow aerators all the while providing the strong water flow that all customers desire. Altman has furthered its water protection practices by partnering with WaterSense, an EPA sponsored program that promotes water-efficient products throughout the nation.

Many Altman faucets come with the WaterSense label to ensure customers that they are non only investing in a high quality product, but that it meets the water efficiency standards of the program.

Look for the WaterSense label on all Altman faucets, and be sure to check out there great new line of faucets, including the Vertika and Magna series’.

Upgrade Your Faucets and Save

New Vertika Line

Upgrade Your Faucets and Save

New Magna Line

New Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware From Omnia Industries

We are very excited in all of the great new products that are being developed by Omnia Industries, and just wanted to take a little time to show you what will be hitting the shelves:

Multipoint Trim – As per customer demand, Omnia has developed both brass and stainless steel door hardware to spice up consumers swinging glass patio doors.

New Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware From Omnia Industries

Latchsets – For all those contemporary folk out there, the new latchsets are a stylish new addition to enhance any modern home. Not to mention expanded movement to improve functionality.

New Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware From Omnia Industries

Entrance Handlesets – Urban is in, and Omnia is giving the people what they want. These new stainless steel handlesets are perfect for the urban home.

New Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware From Omnia Industries

Omnia Traditions – Still living in the past? Not to worry, the new doorknob designs from Omnia are here for you. Now you can get the strength and durability of modern hardware with the look and class of the timeless past.

New Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware From Omnia Industries

Architectural Hardware – Add the perfect finishing touch to your home by incorporating these unique pieces from Onmia.

New Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware From Omnia Industries

Cabinet Hardware – With consumers’ ever expanding desire to add creative and inspiring detail to their homes, Omnia stays ahead of the curve by developing new cabinet hardware to satiate its customers.

New Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware From Omnia Industries

Kolson Loves ROHL’s Innovation

ROHL has proven to be a leader in the decorative plumbing and hardware industry since it’s inception in 1983. They continue to provide new products to their customers with a highly-crafted and innovative skill. Perhaps it’s the traditions and values instilled in the company from it’s founders, the Rohl family, that give ROHL the ability to craft and deliver their wonderful products. Or maybe it’s the desire for the ROHL team to adhere to the company vision: To be the most recognized brand in the luxury category for faucets and fixtures. Achieve this vision through selective distribution, consistent trade and consumer communications, innovative products, a passionate commitment to customer service and consistent attention to meeting unmet needs of the marketplace.

The ROHL work ethic is clearly in place, and what better way to view it then through their incredible products. With a vast array of hardware styles and finishes from the rustic, country feel to the contemporary, urban appeal, ROHL has something to offer every customer.

Visit the ROHL website for more information, or swing by the Kolson showroom anytime for a closer look.

Kolson Loves ROHL’s Innovation Kolson Loves ROHL’s Innovation
WAVE Single Lever Deck Mounted Lavatory Faucet Bridge Mixer With Lever Handles
Kolson Loves ROHL’s Innovation Kolson Loves ROHL’s Innovation
Country Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet The ROHL Shower Collection

Kolson Teams Up With Von Morris

Kolson Teams Up With Von MorrisVon Morris prides itself in producing top of the line architectural hardware of the highest quality. Their vast array of hardware—brass, bronze and stainless steel—are all carefully produced in their internationally known, ISO 9002 certified factory. By adhering to environmental regulations, Von Morris does its part to minimize the ecological footprint of its hardware.

Detail is an important aspect of the Von Morris line, as most pieces of hardware are hand finished by their expert craftsmen along each stage of production. This is especially effective for its brass products as their hands on approach results in eliciting an exuberant luster that can only be achieved through such individual, human attention.

Kolson has recognized the brilliance of the Von Morris line from their quality suited and non-suited door knobs to their functional hinges, lock bodies and other door accessories. The extraordinary handiwork of their specially designed suited trim, knobs and levers, are second to none, and consist of Art Deco, Bamboo, Beaded, Ribbon and Reed, Moorestown, and Weave styles. With thirty different finishes available, the possibilities for customization are endless.

We’re pretty confident that you’ll love the Von Morris line, so get down to our showroom as soon as you can to check it out.

Kolson Brings ‘Green’ to the Showroom with Rocky Mountain Hardware

“Our goal is to create the highest quality product without compromising the welfare of future generations.” – Rocky Mountain Hardware

Idaho-based Rocky Mountain Hardware is one of the most environmentally friendly manufacturers of bronze faucets and fixtures in the United States. With a certified 90% recycled rating from the SCS (Scientific Certification Systems), Rocky Mountain Hardware has been a major force in protecting our environment through clever recycling procedures that divert metal waste from ever ending up in the landfill. Even more impressive are the Green operations that they run each day by recycling wax, sand and even bronze dust particles. For an even more remarkable visual, watch the whole Rocky Mountain Hardware ‘Story’ right here.

Not only are their products environmentally efficient but they also have a unique and classy look and finish that are certain to impress. Check out some samples below, but make sure to visit the Rocky Mountain Website, and stop by our showroom for a personal demo.

Kolson Brings ‘Green’ to the Showroom with Rocky Mountain Hardware
Deck Mount

Kolson Brings ‘Green’ to the Showroom with Rocky Mountain Hardware
Elli Lavatory

Kolson Brings ‘Green’ to the Showroom with Rocky Mountain Hardware
Beauty Towel Rack

Kolson Brings ‘Green’ to the Showroom with Rocky Mountain Hardware
Sink Top

Kolson Brings ‘Green’ to the Showroom with Rocky Mountain Hardware
Bronze Towel Rack

Introducing Webert Italian Designs

Kolson is very proud to now offer all of our customers the luxury line of products by Webert Italian Design.  Webert’s incredible products have been in the market since 1975 and have since pushed forward newer designs by top European designers.  The resulting premium faucets and fixtures are fantastic to say the least, and they have found themselves in stores all over both American continents.

The local Elkay sales team teamed up with the Webert employees stationed in Rubinetteria, Italy to create an awesome showroom sales plan for their top European-inspired fixtures and faucets.  We are very happy to have these wonderfully crafted and designed products now available on Long Island.

Check out the new 2010 Webert product lineup here or come visit the Kolson showroom.

Highlights of the 2010 Webert LOTHO Models:

Introducing Webert Italian Designs
High Performance Handshower

Introducing Webert Italian Designs
Round Shower Head

Introducing Webert Italian Designs
Round Tub Spout

Introducing Webert Italian Designs
Shower Trim

Introducing Webert Italian Designs
Single Lever Lavatory

Bathroom Fittings: California Faucets Review

We have taken on this new line and it is fantastic!!!  With 30 finishes to choose from and many different styles:  In suites from lav sets to shower sets to bath accessories to all coordinate.

The reason they are so fantastic is the amount of finishes, wide range of designs, and the ability to mix and match series “a la carte” to design your very on special look.

Wide price ranges to fit any budget is great, too.