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Kolson Teams Up With Von Morris

Kolson Teams Up With Von MorrisVon Morris prides itself in producing top of the line architectural hardware of the highest quality. Their vast array of hardware—brass, bronze and stainless steel—are all carefully produced in their internationally known, ISO 9002 certified factory. By adhering to environmental regulations, Von Morris does its part to minimize the ecological footprint of its hardware.

Detail is an important aspect of the Von Morris line, as most pieces of hardware are hand finished by their expert craftsmen along each stage of production. This is especially effective for its brass products as their hands on approach results in eliciting an exuberant luster that can only be achieved through such individual, human attention.

Kolson has recognized the brilliance of the Von Morris line from their quality suited and non-suited door knobs to their functional hinges, lock bodies and other door accessories. The extraordinary handiwork of their specially designed suited trim, knobs and levers, are second to none, and consist of Art Deco, Bamboo, Beaded, Ribbon and Reed, Moorestown, and Weave styles. With thirty different finishes available, the possibilities for customization are endless.

We’re pretty confident that you’ll love the Von Morris line, so get down to our showroom as soon as you can to check it out.