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Kolson’s Extraordinary Collection Of Bathroom Faucets

Kolson’s Extraordinary Collection Of Bathroom FaucetsWith carefully thought out and path breaking new technology combined with artistry that is worthy to be framed, Kolson’s have truly cornered the market for high-end bathroom faucets. At Kolson’s, they know that for some people, a shower is more than just related to cleanliness. If cleanliness is next to godliness, Kolson’s extraordinary collection of bathroom faucets takes it a step even closer to the divine.

You do not need to go out into nature with one of these fittings. Nature will dance in your bathroom. A wash can turn into the gentle caress of a summer rain shower or the invigorating energy of a cascade crashing down a mountainside. Kolson’s innumerable shower-heads, faucets and other accessories make it possible for you to customize your shower to just the way you want it every day. The bathroom faucets are a combination of fine detailing and precision, both in design and aesthetics. The shapes and colors are designed to enhance the sense of luxury and will leave the customer not just satisfied, but even pampered and indulged.

Kolson not only wants to make you feel good, we also care about the environment and money saved on lowered water bills. Our Altman’s faucets are a good example of this ideology. This line of faucets uses the 1.5 low-flow aerators, which reduces water pressure, while still maintaining a good strong flow. Altman has also entered into a partnership with WaterSense, which is sponsored by the EPA who advocate water saving products all over the country. In fact, many of the products in the Altman line carry the WaterSense label.