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Rocky Mountain Hardware – Unique And Handmade

Rocky Mountain Hardware - Unique And HandmadeInspired by the exquisite bronze statues of old, and handcrafted with environmental responsibility in mind, the Rocky Mountain Hardware line, is both unique and beautifully made. Everything they produce is certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to have at least 90% recycled content. It is also produced in an entirely ”green” facility that meets the Leadership certification standards for Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)and has a gold rating.

The products themselves (which consists of everything from door and cabinet accessories to kitchen, bath and plumbing hardware) begin with a concept in the company’s in-house artisan’s minds. The designs are then cast at temperatures of up to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. After the raw castings are made, they are handed over to experienced and highly skilled artisans for a perfect finishing of every surface. Lastly, the bronze is handed over to nature itself so the respective forces of climate, will touch them and time will deepen their patina and mellow out each individual piece in a way that only nature truly can. These pieces can add a touch of class and dignity to any room you may be finishing, and Rocky Mountain Hardware unique and handmade designs are more than worth your taking a minute to go through and take a look at them.