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Top 5 Rules When Redesigning Your Kitchen

Top 5 Rules When Redesigning Your KitchenNo matter what is motivating you to redesign your kitchen, there are some kitchen design rules that you must abide by in order to achieve the aesthetic, functional and comfort values for your kitchen. Here are the top 5 rules when redesigning your kitchen that you must work with to achieve your ideal kitchen.

i. Space

When thinking about the space, it is important that you pay attention to focal point of your kitchen. Ensure that the passageways in important areas are accessible to prevent people from bumping into each other while moving around your kitchen. Also, plan out where you will place your kitchenware, furniture and other accessories.

ii. Lighting

Day and night lighting are very important formulations that you need to keep in mind when redesigning your kitchen. You can bank on the windows to bring in sunlight during the day. For the night, you can plan to have a romantic kitchen dinner or a fully lit kitchen. When planning, you can decide where to put your sockets, plugs and the lighting scheme for the special areas of your kitchen.

iii. Color

When making a decision on the color of your kitchen design, you need to have in mind the hue, value and intensity elements. Hue as a color is the determining factor for the kitchen. This is because you can adjust your kitchen’s hue (how dark or light the color appears) as well as the intensity and saturation.

iv. Harmony

A well designed kitchen will be in harmony with everything in it. Be sure to avoid clutter by making good use of your furniture and the set up. By connecting every element in your kitchen, you will be able to create good harmony with your color, texture and light.

v. Personality

You can add personality to your kitchen by incorporating your very own style. You can achieve this by selecting a decoration best depicts your personality.

There you have it. There are the top 5 rules when redesigning your kitchen that you must observe. By keeping these rules in mind, you will be able to redesign your kitchen with a lot of ease.