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Upgrade Your Faucets and Save

DID YOU KNOW: Upgrading your bathroom faucets and toilets with high-efficiency, WaterSense-labeled products can save thousands of gallons of water per year?

Kolson wants to help you save money, and Altman’s faucets is just one great way in which we help you do so.

The Altman line of faucets is specially crafted to enhance water usage through the use of 1.5 low-flow aerators all the while providing the strong water flow that all customers desire. Altman has furthered its water protection practices by partnering with WaterSense, an EPA sponsored program that promotes water-efficient products throughout the nation.

Many Altman faucets come with the WaterSense label to ensure customers that they are non only investing in a high quality product, but that it meets the water efficiency standards of the program.

Look for the WaterSense label on all Altman faucets, and be sure to check out there great new line of faucets, including the Vertika and Magna series’.

Upgrade Your Faucets and Save

New Vertika Line

Upgrade Your Faucets and Save

New Magna Line