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Water Conserving Faucets At Kolson

Water Conserving Faucets At KolsonIf you want to do your part to make your home as environmentally friendly as possible you can consider installing water saving fixtures. With the water conserving faucets at Kolson, you can be assured of top of the line quality that features the latest technology.

We carry both residential and commercial faucets that utilize high technology sensors to ensure ongoing water savings. Some of our beautiful bathroom and kitchen taps even offer touchless technology. These faucets can make a huge impact on your water bill with savings up to 45% off your current water costs. Low flow aerators are seamlessly integrated into a variety of styles perfectly suited for either a kitchen or bathroom setting. Installation is just as simple as installing a standard tap and faucet set yet the savings you will see are anything but standard.

Water Conserving Faucets At KolsonKolson is known for our extensive selection and commitment to detail. The same can be said for our water conserving faucets. We know what our customers are looking for and we proudly deliver top of the line style coupled with the latest technology to our loyal customers each day. Discover for yourself why Kolson has been bringing the finer things in life to our customers for over 50 years.